Front Crawl Breathing Technique

Front Crawl Breathing Technique Part 1: these three clips cover all aspects of your head position and timing of the head turn, as well as proper breathing technique whilst swimming front crawl.

Front Crawl Swimming technique – Head position

Head position whilst swimming front crawl can positively influence your whole body position in the water as well as ensure you breathe effectively. Ensuring a good head position can effectively reduce possible drag effect through the water.

Front Crawl Swimming technique – Head timing

Getting the timing right of when you turn your head whilst swimming front crawl will ensure you maximise on the small window of opportunity you have to draw in a small breath.

Front Crawl Swimming technique – Breathing technique

How to breathe while swimming front crawl – an integral part of your technique, as without it, we wouldn’t get very far! Often mistakenly categorised as being a separate element to the stroke. This clip will show you how you can integrate an effortless and smooth breathing pattern to compliment the stroke.

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